Thursday, July 12, 2012

7.2 Months of Summer

I'm back in the saddle (er back in the blog?) after a minor sabbatical.  6 months is still considered minor, right?  I just imagined that someone said "yes" so I'm going to take it and run.  I figured with my first blog post back, ALL of my many followers would be so anxious to know (a) that I am alive and (b) what I have been up to since the beginning of the year the world ends.  That's 2012, for you non-mayans.

You will be happy to know that I have included more pictures, as I so gracefully vowed to do here . :)

January - I threw a little New Years shindig where I got my Martha Stewart on.  Basically that just means I bought some yummy takeout (psshhh cook?) and bought some baked goods that I set out on a small table.  I then lit a few tea lights and threw some "shamp" in a bucket with ice.  It really made me feel like a domestic diva.  At least I think that's what being a domestic diva feels like...

February - I started tennis lessons with two of my favorites. I'm pretty certain that given my natural athletic abilities I did okay, but at one point I did swing the racket, miss the ball, and subsequently "hit it" with my forehead.  It didn't make it over the net.

Also in February, I started learning Italian.  Or l'Italiano rather, just because I want to impress you.  I'm more in love with words, including those of another language, than I am with 99.9% of the people I love in this world.  <----- I also love hyperboles in case you couldn't tell.  I learned "molto bene" in the first lesson but it's still my favorite thing to say.  For those of you who aren't as classy and worldly as me, it means "very good".  Kidding.  I have never traveled and I am green with envy of anyone who has.  I suck.  But I always use my hands when I speak it and I really try to project creepiness.

March - I didn't do shit in March.

April - In April I turned 27.  That was not "molto bene".  I did, however, finally go skydiving.  Here's the summary:  Drove to hot, ghetto-ass Perris, got in a plane and then jumped out at 13,500 feet.  It was amazing and everything I expected. 

There was one simulation I was not expecting, and that was the "toddler simulation".  My tandem instructor happened to be 7' tall and being strapped to the front of him made me feel like a 12 month old in a baby bjorn.  I felt like an ass.

Luckily, the 3 day adrenaline rush that followed was well worth the demoralizing flashback to my spit-up days. 


Next, I did what everyone would do after feeling humiliated; I went to El Torito and drank margaritas while wearing a huge birthday sombrero. 

 May - I honestly don't remember much of May.  I think I may have been drunk.  No pun intended.  Just kidding!  Pun totally intended.

June - See "May" above.

July - Thus far in July, I have lived lavishly.  I laid around for almost a week, sipping on fruity drinks and hanging with my family and friends.

FYI, I really do have friends despite the empty rafts and abandoned looking pool above.

Now I'm back to work and paying dearly for every second of time I spent off.  

'til next time bloggers. :)

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