Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pics are Worth a Thousand Reads

So today I had an epiphany. I was mulling over what a true blog failure I am- I've seriously had a blog for two whole years and I still only have 9 followers. And as much as I would like for you to think that it was my superb writing skills and sharp wit that brought them here, it wouldn’t be fair of me to let you believe that’s the case. One gave birth to me for god’s sakes. She would follow me anywhere. Six others are very close friends and/or family, but the last two I can take credit for…they organically came to follow my blog and I have no idea who they are. Woohoo!

Actually boo. That’s horrible.

One new follower per year…really? Quick fact: approximately 150 people per year die from head injuries due to falling coconuts. You do realize the implication here…I mean, more people will be KILLED by a COCONUT this year than will read my blog?

So back to my epiphany…

I asked myself earlier “what do really successful blogs have that mine doesn’t?” Aside from a point, I noticed that there were a lot of pictures. Even stupid pictures! Just pictures! Like this…

That actually made a lot of sense to me once I thought about it a bit more. Most people are pretty damn stupid easily entertained! Of course, they would rather look at pictures than make any effort to read actual words. I’m just going to have to stop drinking so much being so verbose and start including some visual entertainment!

In other news, I’m going to go home and Zumba tonight. As I mentioned here last week, I’m carrying around a few extra “Christmas gifts” if ya know what I’m sayin’…holiday souvenirs in the form of L-B’s. In case you haven’t seen Zumba, it’s a combination of hip-hop, Latin dancing, and even some Indian dancing mixed in there. Looks like this:

Although I know I look more like this:

Nite nite bloggers. :)

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