Friday, August 3, 2012

Red Bull's Dad

I stopped by the gas station near my parents' house the other day and was greeted by the attendant who has worked there since I bought candy on my walk home from jr. high school like a million years ago.

As soon as I walked in, he lit up and said "hey!!! OMG, your dad is Hostess right?!"

I'm sorry, what the hell did this guy just say?

He was intuitive enough to notice the confused look on my face.  So he picks right back up with "you know, you're Hostess' daughter...Hostess Bruce, right?"

Ummm?? Yeah, I was a little slow to catch on but he meant Hostess snack cakes.  Evidently I am not the only one who has noticed my father's affinity for sweet, delectable, sugary treats.

My Family

I just hope that by default, that doesn't make me Little Debbie.

This got me thinking- is every gas station attendant this observant?  Gaw, the things people could find out about me....

My dad would be surprised to walk in to my local fuel mart and be identified as "Red Bull's dad" or "Clif Bar's father-in-law".  I wonder if he'd beam with pride to know that he is "Airhead's grandpa".

On the bright side (always the optimist), I really could've discovered worse.  Things could've gotten bad if upon entering I was greeted with "hey, Summer!  You're condom's daughter, right??"


"live in such a way you'd be proud to have your daughter meet your gas station attendant"
~Rancho Cucamongan Proverb