About Me

The name's Summer. Put 'er there. Twenty-something. If Will Ferrell and Joan Rivers had an Oprah-esque baby together, it would be me.

I'm an avid reader and thinker (the latter should go without saying, but you'd be surprised). I love life and strive to really "live it" everyday. As serious as I can be, I have a cynical alter-ego that allows me to see anything in the world from a humorous perspective. Some days I'm serious, some days I'm not. I'm always impatient, never sensitive.

I think the ability to think critically, and be healthfully skeptical are the two most underrated characteristics a person can have. I LOVE people with opinions founded in logic even if they differ from my own. I hate mayonnaise but I love the word "booyah!" I use it as often as I can.